The Unirise World School opens admissions for the Session 2023-24 for classes Pre Nursery to IX and XII.( Medical,Non Medical ,Commerce and Humanities)

Principal's Message

Ms. Neha Rattan (Principal)


The opportunity to shape the minds and lives of young children and providing them with means of attaining knowledge is a divine blessing and we are fortunate to have been ordained with it.

A learning community does not just happen; it is created intentionally at every level of school or an organization. At The Unirise World School, we employ several strategies to create this type of environment.These teaching and learning strategies are most successful when they are implemented in a system, such as ours, that encourages collaboration among staff and student, and in which each is a part of a well-planned ‘whole’. It is also certain that these strategies are most effective when they are applied in positive, supportive environments where there is recognition of the emotional, social and physical needs of students and where individual strengths are recognized, nurtured and developed.

The whirl winds of change sow the seed of progress, especially so, in educational institution like The Unirise World School which is the virtual embryo for new ideas. In the present scenario, an educated person is no longer just literate, but one who is willing to learn – unlearn and relearn,

the one who is ready to retrace the paths to unfold newer horizons. We believe in a holistic approach focusing on the overall development of the child, who now breathes free, exploring latest talents and is no longer dubbed as a failure. The path breaking ideas initiated by CBSE have been very illuminating. Whenever there is a drive for a change in education, reformers talk as though change in general were desirable and good. Those who "resist change"? are seen as impediments to reforms. Neither idealism nor materialism is sufficient to address the complexities of education. We must honour both permanence and flux.

Today education system has shed the dead and obsolete dimensions and opened itself to include all that it makes a child more responsible, sensitive and concerned global citizen.

I look forward to your support to make our dream become a reality.

At The Unirise world School, we want to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning in each student along with the sklills necessary to prepare for the challenges and changes which will be faced in their future. I believe that our students must develop the skills and understanding that will enable them to become reponsible, contributing citizens of the global community. This is all the vision that I’ m looking at currently, but it’s not possible without everyone’s combined efforts. Your co-operation is what I’m looking at.?

Wish you all a very happy academic session.